To verify your OMGFIN account follow this step-by-step guide:
Step 1) Log into your Omgfin account

Step 2) Click on “Account” and then click “My Account”

Step 3) Click on “ Identity Verification” and then click "verify" 

Step 4)  Fill in your details in all the fields provided:

Kindly follow the below requirements strictly to prevent a delay in your verification process.
1. An ID can be a passport, ID, Driver Licence or National ID document.
2. Name and country must be exactly as shown in your passport. Please include your middle name (if any), in either of the name fields
3. Formats supported include JPG or PNG format
4. Please don’t upload a scan or copy version
5. The document must be smaller than 5MB
6. Please provide a photo of you holding your Identity Card front side. In the same picture, make a reference to OMGFIN and today date displayed. Make sure your face is clearly visible and that all passport details are clearly readable

Step 5)  Click on submit button.

Step 6) Your verification will be processed within 24 hours once all documents have been correctly submitted.