Transferring of assets between OMGFIN accounts is free of charge, simply log on to our platform and you can perform multiple transfers without any charges. 

Step 1) Log in to your OMGFIN account

Step 2)  Click on “Balances” and then click on "My Balance” choose the currency you want to transfer. Using “UQC” as an example, click on “transfer”.

Step 3) first you have to enter the account code of the receiver.

(For Account code >click "Account" and then click on "My Account") 

Step 4) Input the amount of UQC that you have to transfer. Enter Login Password and Enter 2FA code from the app.

Click on “Submit”.

Step 5) Check the inbox of the email address you used to register OMGFIN account with and click on "Link".

Step 6) The status will be reflected as “Transfer successfully” once the transfer has been completed.

Step 7) You may check on the status of your transfer by clicking on “Balance” and then click on “History”.