Trust Score Rating

Trust Score is an individual numeric value assigned to each account at OMGFIN. The Trust Score characterizes a particular account in terms of account owner's business activity. 

Below you will find the criteria that is used whenever the Trust Score is calculated:


1. KYC 

2. Productivity

Number of accounts that were involved in transactions

3. Volume

Amount of funds transferred

4. Time

Age of an account (time since the initial transaction)

5. Feedback

Valid complaints and positive responses against/for account

6. Amount

Account balance based on the minimal level for the last month 

Trust Score minimal value is 0, while there is no maximum value. All new accounts have Trust Score = 0.

Trust Score can be viewed at your OMGFIN account as well as at the time of making a transaction or providing a credit.

Please keep in mind that Trust Score may drop or rise depending on particular account performance, hence high Trust Score at a given moment does not guarantee higher scores in the future. 

You will have hard time increasing your Trust Score by making identical transactions or by employing other similar tactics.