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OMGFIN is extremely proud to announce yet another great project coming to our trading platform.  NFTD Protocol (NFTD) is now available on OMGFIN, you can deposit and withdrawal  NFTD Protocol (NFTD) now. Supported trading pairs including NFTD/BUSD, Please take note of the following schedule:

 NFTD Protocol (NFTD) trading: 10:00 JUN 04, 2021 (UTC)

Get 25% cashback on trading fees at OMGFIN for all NFTD Protocol (NFTD) coin trading pairs.

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NFTD Protocol (NFTD) Introduction:

  1. What is NFTD?

NFTD is a smart NFT supermarket system for digitals products. In this smart shopping system, the sellers and each product they sell are identified as a unique tokenID. Once the transaction is completed, the buyer's ownership will be confirmed immediately.

NFTD Protocol (NFTD)  Official Website:

Coin Market Cap :

Binance Smart chain :
Smart Contract : 0x11a9a7e3c320eaa80b8ecb223a10c5ae281d9ae0

DexTool :

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